Duncan Isle

Duncan Isle: Shark Bait

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Artist: Duncan Isle

Artist: Duncan Isle
Title: Shark Bait

What people are saying of the songs in the CD 'A breath of fresh air, brilliant. Lot's of work in that track. One hell of a voice(s) LOL' 'Wicked stuff... you get better with each CD.' 'Excellent!! -- sounds great' 'Sound so much better than a lot music out there - it's hard to describe!'

1.1 Breaking Up
1.2 One and Only
1.3 South Padre
1.4 Island Man
1.5 Will I
1.6 Bitter Sea
1.7 Find Me
1.8 Island Life
1.9 Spoon Fed
1.10 Mexico
1.11 Sky Is Falling
1.12 So What
1.13 Christmas Day
1.14 Christmas Is Alive

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