Duo Ade

Duo Ade: Freilassing

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Artist: Duo Ade

Artist: Duo Ade
Title: Freilassing
Product Type: VINYL LP

2013 release. Although their music sounds very serious and complex, Duo Adé don't want to be considered as abstract formation. The Graz-based duo comprised of members of cult band Code Inconnu, Gottfried Krienzer and Christoph Uhlmann, have already established themselves as very specific lo-fi electronic constellation with their first release Hungrige Speisen (2000). This time, avoiding any kind of electronic devices and electronic manipulations, they sat themselves at an out-of-tune piano, each taking a different tempo, and recorded eleven versions of Freilassing, one of which is available here on this single-sided LP. The piece is a half-structured improvisation, combination of micro-tonality, bi-tonality, rhythmically independent counterpoints, integration, and disintegration, and (in)homogeneous repetitions. 25 minutes of extremely challenging piano music, on the run into the unknown known

1.1 Adjustment (0:42)
1.2 Freilassing (24:18)

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