Duo D'Amore

Duo D'Amore: Incantations & Inspirations

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Duo D'Amore

Title: Incantations & Inspirations
Label: CD Baby

Duo D'Amore's two-fold aim is based on this aesthetic: To seek the modern in the old and the old in the modern. They achieve this both through fresh interpretations of standard repertoire, as well as representing the modern-ness of Baroque instruments in specially-commissioned works. Their performances of Baroque and contemporary repertories have been applauded wherever they have toured. The name Duo D'Amore alludes to the unique and haunting lyricism of the oboe d'amore complimented with the harpsichord's dazzling tones. A harmonious marriage of opposites. Oboist Geoffrey Burgess and harpischordist Elaine Funaro, each widely recognized as outstanding in their field, have been performing together since 2002. In addition to appearances in the Carolinas and New England, they have toured together in Australia and given workshops and educational programs around the US. They have recorded for the Australian Broadcasting Commission and their first commercial CD of new music will be released later this year. Their recital at the 2005 Boston Early Music Festival has was acclaimed by the critis and stimulated much interest from audience as well as composers drawn to the particular style of cross-over fostered by Duo D'Amore. Duo D'Amore's innovative programs are built around the extensive 18th-century music for oboe and harpsichord. The group uses historical instruments to best capture the authentic character of this music, and with the same instruments explores new soundscapes that have opened up in 20th- and 21st-century compositions, many of which have been inspired by the ensemble's performances. One of the most radical events in twentieth-century music history was the rebirth of the so-called 'authentic' instruments. In a sense these have become the most modern and innovative forms now in use. The 1950s and 60s saw the rediscovery of the 'baroque' oboe and the pinnacle of the harpsichord revival. This period also saw the rise of the avant garde with it's redefinition of boundary between 'music' and 'noise'. Likewise the Early Music movement exploded the horizons of the mainstream music tradition by reviving historical sonirities.

1.1 Stephen Yates: Canto - Geoffrey Burgess, Elaine Funaro
1.2 Andrew Ford: D'amore - Geoffrey Burgess, Elaine Funaro
1.3 Tom Robin Harris: Two Movements 1 - Elaine Funaro
1.4 Tom Robin Harris: Two Movements 2 - Elaine Funaro
1.5 Edwin McLean: Incantations 1 - Geoffrey Burgess, Elaine Funaro
1.6 Edwin McLean: Incantations 2 - Geoffrey Burgess, Elaine Funaro
1.7 Edwin McLean: Incantations 3 - Geoffrey Burgess, Elaine Funaro
1.8 Stephen Yates: Sofeggietto VII - Elaine Funaro
1.9 John Mayrose: Vivaldiana - Geoffrey Burgess, Elaine Funaro
1.10 Ross Edwards: Yanada - Geoffrey Burgess
1.11 Stephen Yates: Solfegietto III - Elaine Funaro
1.12 Ross Edwards: Ulpirra - Geoffrey Burgess
1.13 Kasper Brookes: Five Bells - Geoffrey Burgess, Elaine Funaro

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