Duo Laré: In Other Words

Duo Laré: In Other Words
Title: In Other Words
Label: CD Baby

Nate Jarrell (guitar) and Chris Acquavella (mandolin) first met while playing in a hardcore punk band called Born Blind around 1997. Shortly thereafter they signed a record deal, released two albums and were able to tour the country. Born Blind played together for five years and after the group split, Chris and Nate took off in different musical directions. Around 2001, Chris Acquavella moved to London to attend Trinity College of Music, where he graduated First Class Honors in classical performance. While Chris was in London, Nate went to San Diego State University and received his degree in jazz guitar. When Chris returned to San Diego, both of them were performing in their respective genres, Nate (jazz) and Chris (classical). When a musician canceled on Chris last minute before a concert, he called Nate and begged him to fill in. Nate's reaction was 'sure, but what in the world are we going to play?' Oddly enough, they were able to create an interesting program after looking at each other's repertoire. And Duo LaRe was born..... After all those years of playing together, Nate and Chris found we were an ideal complement to each other. They have had many adventures throughout the years and those tend to add to the overall ensemble. On their own, they both have success performing in their separate genres but as Duo LaRe, their different styles meld together wonderfully. Duo LaRe blend their two worlds to create a new, interesting style of music. Mixing Chris' classical training with Nate's jazz influences results in harmonies an audience doesn't hear that often put together. Duo Laré allows both musicians to be creative with their compositions and repertoire choices.

1.1 Mtarija
1.2 In Other Words
1.3 Nardis
1.4 Freedom to Travel
1.5 Always ; Forever
1.6 Um Abraco Seu Domingos
1.7 Rondo
1.8 Slowly Dripping Away
1.9 Imardin
1.10 Yutuma
1.11 Molly
1.12 Palske
1.13 Serenata

Duo Laré: In Other Words

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