Duo Magyar

Duo Magyar: Rabeca Moderna

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Duo Magyar

Title: Rabeca Moderna
Label: CD Baby

Duo Magyar is the union of two nations: Brazil and Hungary. It was created in the beginning of the year 2000. Brazil was then celebrating 500 years and Hungary 1000 years. This union has given enthusiasm and motivation to the promotion of national pieces that could favor the violin. This idea was very well welcomed by the Secretarias of Culture and Education of the Government of the Federal District. Duo Magyar was selected as one of thirty finalists among over a thousand groups from the whole country in the 'ItaúCultural' project. Motivated by the success of this project, the Duo decided to dedicate their time to the research of scores and new pieces. These were written specially for their repertoire. Even though there are many different pieces in this CD, all of them reflect the Brazilian fiddle sound. The piece 'Sonatina', from Paulinyi, shows a 'bartokian' touch over the Brazilian folklore. The piece 'Hipnose', which is from the same composer, is about a deeper issue: what the music can produce in human beings. 'Três Peças' from Sérgio Nogueira was written specially for the Duo. The same happened to the piece 'Fantasia', from Maravalhas. It has sweet elements of the guitar language. Ernani Aguiar, well known for reinforcing irony in the music, also enhanced the Duo's repertoire with 8 pieces (1984). The first ones were made after over a year of silence caused by an aesthetics crisis. Finally, there are the Mahle's duets. These have been inspired in brief mode, in which some refer to regional nostalgia. His work 'Invenção' is a thrilling fugue that plays around with the ambiguity of a binary-tertiary measure and with the contradiction of an atonal idea. Music and image are artistic expressions that complete each other. Therefore, several paintings from Marlene Godoy, Eliete Oliveto and Lívia Paulini have been included here. Both music and illustration of this work search the essence of the Brazilian art. As Marlene has said: 'art and freedom - nobody can truly express himself or herself without going to his or her origin first.' Zoltan Paulinyi Karla Oliveto (player) Karla Oliveto started her music studies at the Music School of Brasília (EMB) in 1983. There she got the certificate of Expert in Instrument. She was then in Ms. Marena Salles's class. Karla finished her undergraduate Bachelor Course in Violin at the University of Brasília in 1997. She was then under the guidance of professor Ludmilla Vinecka. She also got her degree in Music Teaching in the year 2000. She took part in improvement courses in violin, chamber music and orchestra at 'Professional and Artistic School in Vale do Ave' in Portugal in 1993. At this time she participated in several concerts in main Portuguese cities with the Artave Orchestra. Karla has been a soloist under the conducting of Maestro Emílio de César and Elena Herrera. She has been a member of the 'Camerata Antiqua', Brasília and EMB Orchestras, besides being the spalla of the state university UnB Orchestra. She received the award of Best Brazilian Music Perfomance and also got other prizes in contests at EMB. At the present moment, she is a regular student at the graduate course in Music (Specialization in Chamber Music) at the University Brasília and a violin teacher at EMB. Zoltan Paulinyi (player & composer) Zoltan Paulinyi was only two and a half years old when he started his music lessons in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil. His first performance as a violinist was at the theater 'Casa da Ópera de Ouro Preto' when he was eight years old. He was then under the supervision of the teacher Ricardo Giannetti. He dedicated himself to musical theory studies while he was taking an undergraduate course in Physics at the University of Minas Gerais State (UFMG). He could then count on Conductor Oiliam Lanna. At last, in the beginning of the year 2000, he chose to leave his graduate course in Quantum Optics to become a member of the Symphonic Orchestra of Brasília. Paulinyi was the soloist of the Hackney Youth Orchestra in the Dartington Festival in the UK in 1997, where he also had masterclasses with Ruggiero Ricci, and a soloist at the 'Gli Archi di Firenzi' in Belo Horizonte in 2000. He has met composers such as Harry Crowl and Oscar Edelstein in national festivals. The recognition of his work by the press came with 'Pró-Música Award' in 1998, and the 'Performance of the Year in the State of Minas Gerais Award'.

1.1 S. Nogueira-3 Duos (1-Tango)
1.2 S. Nogueira-3 Duos (2-Ostinato)
1.3 S. Nogueira-3 Duos (3-Desafio)
1.4 E. Aguiar-8 Duetos (1-Allegro)
1.5 E. Aguiar-8 Duetos (2-Allegretto)
1.6 E. Aguiar-8 Duetos (3-Andantino)
1.7 E. Aguiar-8 Duetos (4-Allegro Deciso)
1.8 E. Aguiar-8 Duetos (5-Allegro)
1.9 E. Aguiar-8 Duetos (6-Lento)
1.10 E. Aguiar-8 Duetos (7-Allegro)
1.11 E. Aguiar-8 Duetos (8-Vivo)
1.12 E. Mahle-Invencao
1.13 Z. Paulinyi-Sonatina (1-Cantiga)
1.14 Z. Paulinyi-Sonatina (2-Desafio)
1.15 Z. Paulinyi-Hipnose (1)
1.16 Z. Paulinyi-Hipnose (2)
1.17 F. Maravalhas-Fantasia (1-Conflito)
1.18 F. Maravalhas-Fantasia (2-Danca)
1.19 E. Mahle-Duetos Modais (1-Lidio-Mixolidio)
1.20 E. Mahle-Duetos Modais (2-Lidio Com Tetracorde 2A. Aum)
1.21 E. Mahle-Duetos Modais (3-Lidio-Frigio-Mixolidio)
1.22 E. Mahle-Duetos Modais (4-Tons Inteiros)
1.23 E. Mahle-Duetos Modais (5-Escala Octotonica)
1.24 E. Mahle-Duetos Modais (6-Frigio-Lidio-Dorico)
1.25 E. Mahle-Duetos Modais (7-Frigio Com Tetracorde 2A. Aum)
1.26 E. Mahle-Duetos Modais (8-Frigio-Dorico)

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