Dust Bolt

Dust Bolt: Violent Demolition

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dust Bolt

Title: Violent Demolition
Label: Napalm

The love for Bay Area Trash Meta l is evident throughout the debut by German quartet Dust Bolt, but the use of modern elements gives their sound a highly unique character. The songs are aggressive, furious and reminiscent of old Thrash Metal classics of the likes of Kreator, Slayer or Testament!

1.1 Opulence Contaminated
1.2 Violent Abolition
1.3 March Thru Pain
1.4 Shattered By Reality
1.5 Toxic Attack
1.6 Into Madness
1.7 When Thy Shall Come - Oblivion
1.8 Pleasure on Illusion
1.9 Deviance

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