Dust Witch

Dust Witch: Mirage

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Artist: Dust Witch

Artist: Dust Witch
Title: Mirage
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Debut release from Dust Witch. A 5-piece synth outfit that recall the heyday of 70's prog rock. Their sound is tight, complex and densely layered - recalling Goblin at their most fluid, and Yes during their most wigged out moments. What sets them apart from their current synth wave contemporaries is not only their exceptional song writing skills but the addition of live drums & guitar which gives their dense sound an extra kick, and a very human element missing from most current synth acts operating today. This 7-Inch single, pressed on 140g vinyl features artwork by Daniel Danger.

1.1 A. Mirage
1.2 B. Hibernaculum

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