Dusty Brown: Dusty Brown

Dusty Brown: Dusty Brown
Title: Dusty Brown
Label: CD Baby

With the July 2008 release of Dusty Brown's self-titled debut album, his hauntingly honest lyrics and soulfully raw performances have taken the New York music landscape by storm. Originally from Silicon Valley, his sound is anything but technological. There are no tricks here. No gimmicks. No studio enhancement. Earthy. Vulnerable. Original. This is Dusty Brown - a singer-songwriter whose first solo performance came in the summer of 2004 at New York City's famed Sidewalk Café. Part rockabilly part "Guthrie meets Nick Drake", Dusty Brown is the new voice in the pantheon of singer-songwriters exploring the depths of the human condition. With effortless grace, he allows his music to unveil a folksy fragility, layer by layer, word by word and note by note. There is an unfinished quality to his music as if he is just asking questions, not trying to answer them. With lyrics that seem to be written on a heart hungry for something bigger than itself, Dusty Brown is searching for something. But, he doesn't go about it alone. Armed with his guitar, his harmonica and graveled voice, he invites all on a journey through his fractured lineage, new beginnings and an honest examination of a man in transit from one world to the next. Whether it is "From Fort Worth on a Freight Train" (an emotionally wrought ballad about his grandfather and worthy of Johnny Cash cover) "Through My Father's Eyes" (a heart-wrenching tale of a man reckoning with a father) or "The Widow is Away" (a song with infectious whimsy and tonal diversity), it is evident Dusty wrestles with God and, consequently, walks away limping. As a solo artist, Dusty has played with Kevn Kinney of Drivin' N Cryin', Tim Easton, Mary Lou Lord and David Mead, and Rami Jaffee of the Foo Fighters/Wallflowers who had this to say: \'As the set flowed, everybody just flipped because every song was great and we all got a sense of his songwriting and persona right there on the Lower East Side on a Tuesday night. This is why seeing music is important...\' Dusty recently added Chris Bonner (upright bass) and Spence Cohen (percussion) to complete The Dusty Brown Band, who many are calling the "Dylan of the Facebook generation".

1.1 From Fort Worth on a Freight Train
1.2 Safer at Home
1.3 Down By the Water
1.4 The Widow Is Away
1.5 Through My Father's Eyes
1.6 Through My Mother's Prayers
1.7 Second Week
1.8 Unscathed
1.9 What I Don't Know
1.10 Your Vision of Me
1.11 To Begin Again

Dusty Brown: Dusty Brown

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