Dwarves: Take Back The Night

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Artist: Dwarves

Artist: Dwarves
Title: Take Back The Night
Product Type: CASSETTES

Teen pop whiz kid ANDY NOW mans the boards for the TAKE BACK THE NIGHT LP (GREEDY/BURGER) as the Dwarves embrace their 'turd in the punchbowl of punk' legacy. Old school vets like VADGE MOORE and SALTPETER, studio pros like NICK OLIVERI and A TRIBE CALLED JOSH FREESE and flat out demented scallywags like the FRESH PRINCE OF DARKNESS join HEWHOCANNOTBENAMED for a spectacular and genuinely creepy record.

1.1 City By the Bay
1.2 Devil's Level
1.3 Everything and Moore
1.4 Take Back the Night
1.5 It's You I Believe
1.6 Here's Looking at You
1.7 Julio
1.8 Anything That Moves
1.9 Dead in My Dreams
1.10 Get Away
1.11 You Turn Me on
1.12 Nowhere Fast
1.13 Safe Space
1.14 Trace Amounts

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