Dwayne Coleman: This Moment

Dwayne Coleman: This Moment
Title: This Moment
Label: CD Baby

Dwayne Coleman is a young MUSICIAN/SONG WRITER/VOCALIST/PRODUCER/PERFORMER who has integrated a variety of urban rhythms and contemporary ballads to create a fresh ap-proach to Gospel Music with Ministry appeal. He is a highly gifted & talented keyboardist who excels in the midst of live performances. He has been called "a singer's singer" by many profes-sionals yet he remains humble. He is a man of God who sings with intensity, sincerity, and with Devine purpose. Dwayne is truly committed to excellence and has a deep burden to reach those who are poor, broken hearted, captives, blind and bruised. On August 7, 2001 Dwayne was requested and flown by the SONY/EPIC MUSIC GROUP to visit the New York office. Mr.. Dave Mc Phearson, Vice President of the Sony/Epic Music Group, New York, NY was very interested in him, and after hearing him sing said: "how can any one hear Dwayne Coleman sing and not be deeply moved to tears".

1.1 1st Loved Me
1.2 Nothing
1.3 Care Free
1.4 Never
1.5 Presence
1.6 Lost 4 Words
1.7 Can't Help It
1.8 The Believer's Anthem
1.9 Worhty
1.10 Same Love
1.11 This Moment
1.12 This Kiss
1.13 Right Place

Dwayne Coleman: This Moment

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