Dweller: Make a Goddess

Dweller: Make a Goddess
Title: Make a Goddess
Label: CD Baby

Dweller's third and best CD yet. Offering sixteen songs of which all sixteen are great! Of course everyone has thier favorites like Meg Griffin the 'Queen of Rock Radio' who's worked with WNEW, WPLJ, KROCK, and now Siruis Satellite Radio and first to play The Ramones, favorites are 'Make a Goddess', 'Best thing' and 'Dear Nicole'. Meg said before she played the song 'Make a Goddess' on her station, ' This thing not only has a great melody hook but a great lyric hook as well'. E mail to Johnny from Meg, 'good job, johnny. Rockin'. good writing. Hooks. I gotta see you live soon. Keep me posted on gigs.' Meg Griffin.

1.1 Crazy for the Girl
1.2 Adventure
1.3 Best Thing
1.4 Something's Telling Me
1.5 Passion Flower
1.6 Deep in Love
1.7 One Man Town
1.8 Pimp
1.9 She'll Be Mine
1.10 Diamond Angel
1.11 Lady Star
1.12 Dear Nicole
1.13 Evil Jezebel
1.14 Make a Goddess
1.15 Venus Forever
1.16 Dream Maker

Dweller: Make a Goddess

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