Dwight Lakey

Dwight Lakey: Rough But Ready & Other Unpolished Gems

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Artist: Dwight Lakey

Artist: Dwight Lakey
Title: Rough But Ready & Other Unpolished Gems

Dwight Lakey grew up on the plains of Northeast Colorado and moved to the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont 32 years ago. His songwriting is lyric-driven and eclectic, reflecting his love of words and his diverse background.

1.1 Rough But Ready
1.2 Buck the System
1.3 Cash Is a Cruel King
1.4 Ain't Gonna Be Your Yes Man No More
1.5 This Bum's Dream
1.6 Cafe Cowboy
1.7 Booze Cruise
1.8 Max's Save-O-Mat
1.9 Our Family Tree
1.10 I Grew Up in the Armpit of Nebraska

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