Dxd: Take a Breath

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dxd

Title: Take a Breath
Label: CD Baby

Rock Is Not Dead! Hard rock concerts are still one of the biggest draws generating money on the circuits. Nothing compares to the adrenaline rush one feels when the drums start to pound your body and the guitars slash your ears. It's not exactly dancing that comes to mind. It's aggressive, turmultous, twisting, turning, often times barely under control music in motion. Whether your male or female, young or old, when it reaches out and touches that inner, deep, primal place, you're hooked. DXD has found that primal place, and the singer who just happens to be female, digs deep to let it out and share it with the masses. If you can't catch them live, then this CD will have to suffice to give you a taste of where they are coming from, where they are going, and maybe even where they've been. Aggressive rock with a taste of metal, a pinch of blues and throw some punk influences in here and there to spice things up and you've got a basic recipe for DXD.

1.1 Your Wayz
1.2 One Frustration
1.3 Take It Anyway
1.4 Funge Factory
1.5 What I'm Here for
1.6 Caveat Emptor
1.7 Lick It
1.8 Take a Breath
1.9 Rearrange
1.10 Won't
1.11 Awestruck

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