Dylan Champagne

Dylan Champagne: Love Songs of the Apocalypse 1

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Artist: Dylan Champagne

Artist: Dylan Champagne
Title: Love Songs of the Apocalypse 1

I suppose the reoccurring apocalyptic dreams began when I was about 9. It was the 80's and Reagan was king, and everywhere you looked was nuclear this that and the other. Love Songs of the Apocalypse Volume 1 is a shout-out to all the ghosts haunting the mid-sized semi-urban dystopia in my head. The characters are real but some of the details get squishy. On this album I tried to reach out a bit instead of doing the whole thing in my basement by myself (like I did with New Equation). I wanted to get some of my friends on this one since the themes are so much about people and connections. I'm looking forward to getting a group together to perform some of this material in all it's strangeness. Maybe it's not that strange at all - perhaps I flatter myself. Most of the basics for the album were tracked at New Improved Recording in Oakland with Eli Crews. The rest was tracked in my basement and in an old soup warehouse that I rented in Fayetteville, Arkansas while I was living there for a stint. I hope to make a volume 2 and a volume 5 and a volume 20 for that matter before the world spontaneously combusts.

1.1 Baby in a Bear Suit
1.2 Dealt
1.3 The Daily Albatross
1.4 California Song
1.5 Finally Ready
1.6 Empty Notebooks
1.7 The Ballad of J. Flato
1.8 Forester Pass in Chinatown Slippers
1.9 Row Homes in the Desert
1.10 Greenfield Manifesto
1.11 The Short Goodbye

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