Dylan Champagne

Dylan Champagne: New Equation

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dylan Champagne

Title: New Equation
Label: CD Baby

While best known for his songwriting, guitar playing, and screaming for 8 years in the math-punk band 'One Step Shift,' Dylan Champagne is now quickly gaining popularity as a multi-instrumentalist singer / songwriter who writes thought-provoking lyric-driven narratives with raw emotional clarity. Also trained as an audio engineer, Dylan recorded his debut solo album, 'New Equation' himself, entirely in his basement. The mixes walk a tenuous line between lush and minimal, and the overall tone of the recording has been described as 'haunting' and 'intimate.' The palette includes piano, acoustic and electric guitar, drums, concertina, violin (Joan Wilson Rueter), backup vocals (Val Esway), electric bass, the occasional synthesizer, and various extra percussion / noise. It was mastered by award-winning engineer Myles Boisen. 'Like Nick Drake trying to sound like a cross between Tom Waits and Iron & Wine,' Dylan jokes. Dylan sings about what everybody sings about: love, death, crimes against humanity, the apocalypse, beauty, regret, dreams, space, time, trains, surrealist painters, abandon theaters, alcoholism, veterans, isolation, salmon fishing, exploding ships, sea-birds, scars, wine, medical conditions, star crossed lovers, suicide, homicide, cemeteries, the brutality of social Darwinism in elementary school...

1.1 From Here to There
1.2 Junk Parts
1.3 Cemetery on the Hill
1.4 Time Unkind
1.5 Dead Leaves, Pt. 2
1.6 The Majestic
1.7 Bookworm
1.8 Market Street Canal
1.9 New Equation

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