Dylan Nichols

Dylan Nichols: Acclimating

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dylan Nichols

Title: Acclimating
Label: CD Baby

Dylan Nichols is a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles. She owes her musical inspiration to her mother, who sang Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides, Now" to her as a lullaby. For some years she took on the L.A. club scene, frequenting the famous Genghis Cohen. Her debut EP, Acclimating, released May of 2010. This year she went back into the recording studio. Her second EP, Anything But Scared, releases October 2011. Dylan lives in New York where she continues to write and perform.

1.1 Constant
1.2 Precariously Placed
1.3 I Have the Nerve
1.4 Acclimating
1.5 Fade

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