Dylan Patrick Smith: Poetry

Dylan Patrick Smith: Poetry
Title: Poetry
Label: CD Baby

'Poetry' becomes the fifth release on the Other Realm Music label and we are proud to present this album to everyone. Dylan Patrick Smith (aka as ambient new age artist Deosil) has composed an album of solo piano music and infuses a little bit of jazz, classical, pop, and most of all heart and soul. 'I've decided to return to my acoustic roots and compose an album of original compositions that I like to call 'poems without words'. I've also dropped the 'Deosil' performance name and use my birth name of Dylan Patrick Smith to show that for this album I'm returning to my musical foundation and stripping away the electronic ambience and ethereal harmonies. 'Poetry' is a culmination of the past 20 years of my life and I've written each song with a particular theme in mind. Imagine, if you will, a poet reciting lines and guiding the listener through his or her world of words and emotions. My piano becomes my paper; the notes becomes the words; the harmonies become the stanzas.'

1.1 On the Edge of Spirit
1.2 Fading Dreams
1.3 Winter in Lindley Park
1.4 Leaving the Past
1.5 Memories of Tomorrow
1.6 Distance Between Us
1.7 Wish
1.8 Somewhere, Sometime
1.9 Looking Back
1.10 Love, Today ; Tomorrow
1.11 Words Not Wisdom

Dylan Patrick Smith: Poetry

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