E.a.R.L.: Hot Dogs in a Hallway

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Product Type: CD
Artist: E.a.R.L.

Title: Hot Dogs in a Hallway
Label: CD Baby

"Hot Dogs in a Hallway" is E.A.R.L.'s second full length album (not counting our out of print 10 song demo CD called "Before the Money"). Our last album called "Bad Monkey" was a mixed affair and had more of a pop feel due to working with a producer. This new album is all E.A.R.L. going back to the basics. These songs are hard hitting and fun and resonates a sound that comes real close to our live performances.

1.1 Slip Her the Disk
1.2 Bangin'
1.3 Ritalin
1.4 Hydroplane
1.5 Sugar High
1.6 Cripple
1.7 Phone
1.8 Pants
1.9 Satisfied
1.10 Respect It
1.11 Red Neck Waltz

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