E.Dot: Motivational Speaking

E.Dot: Motivational Speaking
Title: Motivational Speaking
Label: CD Baby

Born and raised in Detroit, MI. Now residing in Atlanta, GA, E.DOT has been producing for over 8 years and writing/performing/rapping for over 12 years. He has developed his style over the years by working with various producers and artists who bring numerous amounts of flavors to the music world. E.dot has recently crossed over from the rap/hip-hop Genre to the Christian Rap genre. Once he received the calling of the lord on his life, E.Dot has not looked back. He is excited to present his first album entitled 'Motivational Speaking'. E.DOT has had the opportunity to land production credits with MTV and has shared the stage with huge acts such as New Edition, Lil Wayne, Rock City, One Chance, and Lil Mo. Some artists E.DOT has produced for and worked with include; T-baby, Dollah Jones, The Clergymen, O&O, Imagry, Look Alive, Ms. Melody, T.C.P, L.P.T, Yung Miles, T-REP the Young Prayzr, Blessed, Mista Kleen, and a host of other artists. His influences are Canton Jones, Kirk Franklin, Timbaland, Dr.Dre, Bryan Cox, Neptunes, Kanye West, and JUst Blaze. If asked to explain his style, he would simply state: 'The sound of the Future'!!! E.Dot's Plan is to lead the youth in a positive way towards the truth of GOD and his purpose for us while we are here on earth. E.Dot sets an example by using witty hooks and beats to express his self, letting the world know; IT IS COOL TO REP FOR JESUS!!!!!!

1.1 Out of Control
1.2 Can't Stop
1.3 Ain't Come to Play
1.4 This and That
1.5 Da Truth
1.6 Change
1.7 Let's Go
1.8 Keep on
1.9 God on My Side [Album Version]
1.10 I'm Clean
1.11 Hope Boy Fresh
1.12 Go Hard
1.13 Lane Change
1.14 Saved
1.15 Rider
1.16 Walking in Tha Light
1.17 Sincerely, Me
1.18 Think

E.Dot: Motivational Speaking

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