Early Melodic Animals

Early Melodic Animals: Day01

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Artist: Early Melodic Animals
Title: Day01

Early Melodic Animals is an indie rock band with a touch of melodic Shoegaze from Boise Idaho. Started by Singer-Songwriter J.D. Parsons and former lead guitarist Daniel Hudson in 2010 the Duo moved to the Northwest from the Los Angeles area to focus on songwriting. They isolated themselves in an inexpensive remote part of Central Oregon and saved enough to produce the 9 song debut "DAY01". The two then flew back to Los Angeles and hooked up with legendary percussionist Stephen Perkins from 'JANE'S ADDICTION' and Riz Story the former front man of the band "ANYONE' for Bass and Engineering. "DAY01" specialized in soaring, heartfelt alt-rock with a slightly serrated edge. In the fall of 2011 E.M.A. brought on Quinn Cooper to replace Perkins on percussion. Hudson went on to start his own project and Parsons assumed guitar duties on the project. Set on being a trio Parsons and Cooper have decided to bring on a keyboardist to complete the sound they desire. The 2nd album 'DAY02' is currently in pre production and set to be released mid spring of 2012. Comprised of 12-14 songs it will bring a new deeper Shoegaze pop sound to E.M.A. that will appeal to their fans and new listeners. Parsons goal is to have a full LP of singles that will provoke thought and emotion. E.M.A. will tour behind the record in 2012...

1.1 Move
1.2 Feel Low
1.3 Empty
1.4 Peace of Mind
1.5 Oceans
1.6 L S D
1.7 Going Home
1.8 Catastrophe
1.9 A Song for Julien

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