Earth Shy-T: If There's a Way EP

Earth Shy-T: If There&
Title: If There's a Way EP
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Earth Shy-T feat. Melanie Endecott: "If There's a Way" The first release by Transsonic Records and at the same time the first club hit? The chances are good! With "If There's a Way", Earth Shy-T has produced an intoxicating trance number that is enriched by the beguiling voice of the in Germany resident, US American singer Melanie Endecott. The Transsonic Records premiere is simultaneously the debut of Earth Shy-T. The now 30-year-old Frankfurter by choice was already on the verge of a career in music as a high school student, but decided in favour of completing his schooling and the study of medicine. In the meantime he works as a doctor in an intensive care unit. That he finds enough time on the side to produce tracks like "If There's a Way", is excellent news for DJs, club-goers and dance lovers. Melanie Endecott "I love music. It's my life." One readily believes this of Melanie Endecott. Music weaves a recurrent theme through her biography. Born in Virginia, USA, in 1976, she came into contact with singing at an early age: Her father is the musical director of a large church congregation; she was already singing in it's choir at the age of ten. Of course, she also studied music, vocal performance at Lee University in Tennessee. At that time, she went on tour with various choirs, recorded CDs with them and was also involved in a musical. And not entirely insignificant: She met her future husband, a German, while at University. Melanie now lives with him in Langen, Hesse where she naturally continues to pursue music with her heart and soul, among other things as a singing teacher and the co-founder of a gospel choir. "I can sing all types of music. Gospel, dance, hip hop, jazz, soul - even opera"; with her multi-facetted talent, Melanie knows how to feel her way into the mood of a song and to understand what the composition demands of her as a singer. "It is terrible for me to make such a statement, but I really do think that I'm good and that I have a great deal to offer as an artist." Many producers have already profited from her ability. She has lent her voice to diverse dance, pop and hip hop projects; she is to be heard, for example, in the track "Summertime" on the "Frankfurt / FFM Lounge" compilation". "If There's a Way" is the first number to appear under Melanie's own name. "I like to think that people dance to my music", she says. And they will dance! That's as certain as "Amen" in the church choir. Earth Shy-T From sound studio to intensive care - at first this might sound like a medical emergency but there's no need to be concerned about Earth Shy-T: The man who bears the name Örs Sajthy in day to day life earns his living, first and foremost, as a doctor. Now that he has established himself in this profession, he can finally devote himself to his second great passion: Music. "If There's a Way" is his recording debut. Earth Shy-T was born in Sopron, Hungary, in 1976 and came to Germany with his family in 1980. His musical career began at the age of four. "I was supposed to learn piano", Örs recalls. "Unfortunately from a very strict teacher", with pedagogically questionable teaching methods - she was prone to rapping her students authoritatively across the knuckles when they hit the wrong note - robbing him of his pleasure in the black and white keys for a while, but not of his pleasure in music. Örs began to play the clarinet, picked up the saxophone, played in several symphony orchestras and, at the same time, applied himself to jazz in a chamber orchestra. On top of this, in 1993, he discovered that music could also be made with computers. He produced his own first songs with "the most primitive means" and these attracted the interest of the producer, Andreas Leuck, who wanted to introduce the student to the legendary Frankfurter label Eye Q. However, completing high school and the question of how he would later make his living was more important to Örs at that time. He decided to study medicine. Music remained his hobby, along with clubbing at the hip venues of the Frankfurt scene. And now, in 2007, the time has come to become involved, as ambitioned artist, in trance and dance. "If There's a Way" marks the starting point of a very promising career; further recordings with Melanie Endecott are not ruled out. "She has a beautiful voice", declares Earth Shy-T with enthusiasm. It suits his wonderful song.

1.1 A-Seite If There's a Way (Extended Club Mix) 6:57
1.2 B-Seite If There's a Way (Radio Edit) 4:08
1.3 B-Seite If There's a Way (Instrumental Club Mix) 6:55

Earth Shy-T: If There's a Way EP

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