Earthbound: Unity

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Artist: Earthbound

Artist: Earthbound
Title: Unity

The 5 members of Earthbound might be considered 'jazzstronauts' performers who occupy bodies and play instruments of this planet while making music that is infinitely other-worldly. These extra-terrestial explorers, with a mission to merge free jazz and new agism, are Greek-born pianist Alexandros, New Directions co founder Alex Foster, bassist Andy McKee, drummer Victor Jones and percussionist Steve Thornton. Patricia Meyer, Hi Fi News Despite the name Earthbound, a quintet of New Yorkers, achieve weigthless invention on Unity! Steve Thornton's admirable percussion sends Alexandros and Alex Foster into space trips both unpretentious and hip. Sounding merely spontaneous and scrappy at first, Earthbound's musical grasp is firm-and finally bewitching. Ben Watson, Jazz Times Made up by excellent New York musicians, Unity requires patience and a dismissal of traditional listening habits. An amalgam of African-American & Latin influences, the piano lines are reminiscent of Don Pullen and Cecil Taylor; the music is like an open landscape-in essence the listener becomes the soloist. If you find much of the music you hear too tame, you might enjoy the experimental quality of this disc. Richard B Kamins, Cadence Un soprano a la voix acidulee, des percussions multiples, un pianist au jeu percussif intermediaire entre Cecil Taylor et Sakis Papadimitriou (avec qui Alexandros partage l'attrait pour le piano prepare), l' ex bassist et drummer de Michel Petrucciani: la musique du quintet est le fruit d' une improvisation collective qui montre que le revival neo bop n'est pas la seule voie du jazz americain actuel. C.L.Jazz in Time Where it all seems about to take it's toll, where we all feel the winds of unsettled terror, where silence falls unabating on ears longing to hear the sound... healing and truthful, where the children's song of laughter echoes unceasing, hearts resurrected, spirits uplifted, where we are all EARTHBOUND... and able to listen...

1.1 Just Order
1.2 A/Impulse B/Crashland C/Air-Free D/Bloody Blue
1.3 Runaround
1.4 Omonoia
1.5 Conception
1.6 Purity

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