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Easily Amused: Simple Stuff

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Artist: Easily Amused

Title: Simple Stuff
Label: CD Baby

Easily Amused is Renée Lamoureux and Keith Macpherson. Graduates of the music hotbed of Winnipeg, Canada (Chantal Kreviazuk, Crash Test Dummies), Easily Amused have been gradually stairstepping towards mainstream recognition since releasing their debut independent CD Novice in 2001. Their lethal combination of searing harmonies and sophisticated, infectious songwriting quickly vaulted them onto national television, with appearances on Canada A.M., Open Mike with Mike Bullard, and Vicki Gabereau. Two years and almost 400 live performances later, Keith and Renee have garnered Canadian Music Week's award for Best Online Indie Artist and are poised for a much bigger breakthrough with the release of their second CD. Producer and acclaimed musician Creighton Doane took them under his wing, and together they crafted a blistering collection of radio-friendly songs. Doane artfully harnesses every aspect of Easily Amused's formidable talent and energy, from Renee's powerhouse vocals on the personal ballads 'Simple Stuff' and 'Only A Girl' to Keith's spirited romp on the irresistible pop nugget 'No One's Fool'. Other standouts are the instantly hummable 'Better That Way' and 'Ms Eliot'. 'Better That Way' distinctively retains the group's acoustic roots within their increasingly edgy pop sound. That may come as a relief to their devout fan base, carved out during 3 years of non-stop touring throughout North America. Easily Amused's passion for performing and endearing, kids-next-door personalities make for a live show that consistently wins over audiences in any setting, including clubs, theatres, and outdoor festivals. Memorable dates included opening stints for the Crash Test Dummies, the North by Northeast Festival, and Canadian Music Week. Their persistent barnstorming of American campuses has landed them a nomination for Best College Duo in the U.S by CampusAwards.com. It's amazing that with all of the attention the band has attracted, Lamoureux and Macpherson have successfully managed all aspects of this outfit independently for the last three years. 'To be able to say that we've gotten this far on our own has been very rewarding,' Lamoureux explains. 'Being a self-managed group has given us the chance to learn the business side of the music industry, as well as given us a sense of control which has built up our confidence and made us a stronger band.' Introduced to each other through Lamoureux's cousin in 1997, Lamoureux and Macpherson developed a strong friendship, put pen to paper and began writing songs together. After realizing how innate and smooth the unification of their voices was, they soon amassed a collection of songs to perform in coffee houses. Although Lamoureux and Macpherson formed a deep friendship, the duo put their musical collaborations on hold for a year to pursue their education. However, the extraordinary musical connection between Lamoureux and Macpherson was undeniable and they officially began writing and performing together again in 1998 under the moniker Easily Amused. - More - The coalescence between Lamoureux and Macpherson continues on the new album. Wading deeper into pop-rock waters than ever before, they leaned heavily on Doane's navigation skills. 'Creighton shared the same vision with us right from the start. He has a great sense of creativity. His attitude is very positive and laid back, which made for a comfortable atmosphere during the recording process,' Lamoureux says. 'He's taught us so much and it was a real privilege to have him as our producer.' Cellist Kevin Fox (Holly McNarland?, Sarah Harmer) also contributes to the intricacy of the new album with stunning string arrangements. Easily Amused is well on it's way to becoming a musical force to be reckoned with. The endearing harmonies and tight guitar work have by no means reached a plateau. In fact, the charismatic duo's music is ever evolving and Easily Amused proves there continues to be a place for honest songwriting and musicianship in the music industry. Macpherson remarks, 'We are real people, playing real music and have a true honesty in the music we create together.'

1.1 No One's Fool
1.2 Only a Girl
1.3 Colleen
1.4 Simple Stuff
1.5 Predictable
1.6 Ms. Eliot
1.7 Boys Don't Cry
1.8 Better That Way
1.9 Song for Belfast
1.10 All Need Love
1.11 Juste Une Fille

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