East of the Sun

East of the Sun: Anyone There?

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Product Type: CD
Artist: East of the Sun

Title: Anyone There?
Label: CD Baby

A rich, roots-oriented rock and roll tapestry that unfolds as you listen. Tasty guitars and soulful vocals. Jody Condon - Guitars Jerry Scheirer - Vocals, Lyrics William Schenk - Drums Randall Willis - Guitars, Lyrics, Vocal Harmonies, Mandolin Special Guests Eric Stevens - Bass Chris Gough - Piano, Hammond Organ Ian Ginsburg - Cello Joey - Tambourine.

1.1 9th Street Station
1.2 Writing Home
1.3 That Last Summer
1.4 Complete
1.5 Leave Room for Me
1.6 Peach
1.7 Seven Days
1.8 Hearin' Jimi
1.9 Anyone There?
1.10 Up for Review
1.11 ... And So I Dream

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