Eater: System Failure Abort & Retry

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Eater

Artist: Eater
Title: System Failure Abort & Retry
Product Type: VINYL LP

E.a.t.e.r was originally formed back in the summer of 1982 in the NEW WAVE OF SWEDISH HARDCORE (NWOSHC) explosion along with bands like Avskum (same era) Anti-cimex, Shitlickers, Asta Kask, Etc going into Studio 1983 (Kloakens Alternative Anti Studio, by Micke Blomqvist front man of ASTA-KASK) to record their now highly after sought "Killed by death" collectable EP "Doomsday Troops" Ep!

1.1 Abort the System
1.2 Krigets Vansinne
1.3 Doomsday Troops
1.4 Religion
1.5 Violence
1.6 I Rule My Life O.K
1.7 Anxiety Attack
1.8 Doomsday Troops
1.9 Onward
1.10 Death Wish
1.11 Fuck the Lot
1.12 Abort the System
1.13 Masquerade
1.14 Stela SMÅ Fingrar
1.15 Cia Part 1
1.16 Meningslos Verklighet
1.17 Desperat
1.18 Ni Ger Mig RÅD Ni

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