The Ebb and Flow

The Ebb and Flow: Murmurs EP

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Title: Murmurs EP
Label: CD Baby

Telecaster, Slingerland drums, Moog Rogue, Moog Prodigy, Moog Opus 3, Melodica, Vibes and Farfisa are brought to life in unprecendented ways by this trio cosisting of Sara Cassetti, Sam Tsitrin and Roshanak Kheshti. Born out of an uncontrollable impetus to make meaning of analog and acoustic sounds, The Ebb & Flow create orchestral harmony using an unlikely array of instruments. Never, gimicky, somewhat quirky, always tasteful and inventive. The UN can only imagine the harmony created by this transnational group of stylistic wanderers. 'On their second EP, Bay Area's The Ebb and Flow encompass many different styles in a short space and in the process they make it seem effortless. Formed a little over a year and a half ago, they have quickly become a band with it's identity in place with a complex sound that is surprisingly palatable. With buoyant rhythms provided by drummer Sara Cassetti and vocals traded between keyboardist Roshy Kheshti and guitarist Sam Tsitrin (sounding eerily like My Dad is Dead's Mark Edwards), what they create is simultaneously danceable and avante garde. Add trumpeter Jeff Jacobs and ex-Tom Waits saxophonist Ralph Carney and the sonic template gets a little jazzy and a whole lot more interesting. The Ebb and Flow has forged it's own path, balancing drones and grooves, jazz and pop, and it fits them beautifully.' -Mike Alexis Bay Area Buzz 'San Francisco Trio The Ebb and Flow brings together the potentially disparate influences of a Muscovite, an Iranian and a New Yorker. Yet the band's sound falls harmoniously between synth pop and '70s prog, with an emphasis on groove...The recording nods to pop without being superficial and is simultaneously experimental and palatable.' -Mirissa Neff The SF Bay Guardian.

1.1 4 Track Mind-Dusty Crickets
1.2 Murmur in Fa
1.3 Me and My Twins
1.4 Routes of Roots
1.5 Throop
1.6 Contra Verse
1.7 Fur Trapper

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