Eberhard Schoener

Eberhard Schoener: Flashback

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Artist: Eberhard Schoener
Title: Flashback

It was Andy Summers the guitarist in the Police who had introduced US all those years ago. Andy brought Stewart Copeland and me to Munich in 1977 to work with this unusual director of classical music. Herr Schoener needed a band of versatile musicians to take part in a show that he was creating. We had only recently formed the Police and were desperately in need of funds to keep our unlikely dreams of stardom alive. And so a couple of weeks working in Germany as part of (as Andy described it) 'a multi media extravaganza of lasers, circus, rock, classical and electronic music, with ballet dancers and a mime artist' was too intriguing to turn down not to mention extremely well paid. We were on the next plane out, not quite sure what we were in for but none the less excited. -Sting 2010.

1.1 Trans-Am
1.2 Why Don't You Answer
1.3 Only the Wind
1.4 Powerslide
1.5 Flashback
1.6 Epilogue
1.7 Rhine-Bow
1.8 Loreley
1.9 Magma
1.10 Why Don't You Answer [Lukas T. Velvet Remix]

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