Echo's Answer

Echo's Answer: Two Fold Fire-Pt. 2 Opposition

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Echo's Answer

Title: Two Fold Fire-Pt. 2 Opposition
Label: CD Baby

Echo's Answer is an instrumental band from Minot, North Dakota. Their unique sound; a blend of progressive rock, classical, world, jazz and blues, is a challenge to categorize. Widely varying in their musical, artistic and personal influences, each member of Echo's Answer brings a distinct perspective to the exchange of ideas which inspire their compositions. In fact, there is a conversational tone to each piece they play, and a dialogue of sorts between the musicians and their instruments. When asked about their decision to go fully instrumental, they each articulated their desire to express their thoughts solely through music and, in doing so, to follow in the footsteps of composers who prescribe to that ideology. Their songs are emotive, they tell a story, are meant to tell us our own story. After all, what are songs but mirrors we look into, echoing back our thoughts and feelings through notes and rhythms?

1.1 Helmut
1.2 Century
1.3 Narrative
1.4 The Hippo and the Tortoise
1.5 Lament
1.6 Mantra
1.7 Water Song
1.8 [Untitled]

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