Echosounder: Echosounder

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Artist: Echosounder

Title: Echosounder
Label: CD Baby

Hailing from New York City, the modern hard rock band Echosounder fuses influences as diverse as The Who, The Meat Puppets, Deftones, and a Perfect Circle with Middle Eastern subtleties. The effect is mesmerizing, sexual and infectious. J.P Orofino (vocals), Yair Sela (guitars), Russ Madeo (bass), and Elliot Jacobson (drums) proffer a sound characterized by wicked, bass-laden riffs that swing between dark melancholia and avant-garde minimalism. J.P Orofino's merciless vocals, astonishing power, and magnetic stage presence never get lost in the bedlam. They drive it. Drummer Elliot Jacobson forms a strong foundation with an extremely physical style, blending complicated time signatures to unique song structures. This proves to be a perfectly comfortable environment for this dynamic drummer whose roots are a blend of jazz, classic rock, and fusion. Carrying his influences from Israel, Yair Sela's sultry style of playing is most evident in the overall feel of Echosounder. He skillfully weaves the exotic flavors of his homeland into a modern-day sound. At the other end of this explosive rhythm section is bass wizard, Russ Madeo. His fluent, hard, fingerpicking style and progressive rock bass lines are the backbone for this psychedelic forum. All of this, combined with fuming and articulate lyrics, makes Echosounder a different breed in today's hard rock scene.

1.1 Aquarium
1.2 The Nameless
1.3 Rummenigge Moment
1.4 Innocence
1.5 My Work of Art
1.6 Sounds of Betrayal
1.7 Imprisoned Poetry

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