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Eckhard Naujoks: Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar

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Artist: Eckhard Naujoks

Artist: Eckhard Naujoks
Title: Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar

Eckhard Naujoks was born in Schweinfurt. He studied archaeology and was trained as a sculptor, but from an very early age on music became a driving force in his life. It was mainly the music of the Beatles, the Doors and Bob Dylan that touched him. 'This music has a depth, honesty and inspirational power that is unusual in the pop music scene. It's influence was really a life changing experience, only because the musicians wanted to be themselves and give their life some meaning'. Eckhard Naujoks developed his own style as a songwriter on a long journey through Asia, Australia and North Amerika, where he also gave his first concerts. By now, he has recorded his songs with worldclass musicians and gave concerts on various well-esteemed stages and festivals. Eckhard Naujoks lives as an art dealer near Munich. Personal notes: It is not possible for me to mention all the influences of my songwriting style, but certainly they go back further than Elvis, Chuck Berry and Bill Haley. Rock 'n' Roll comes alive for me in the attempt of an individuum to live up to his own rules and to step out of the shadows of society's expectations. From that perspective Rock 'n' Roll is as old as the human race. To my understanding men like Sokrates, Lao Tzu, Heraklit, Buddha and Jesus are all Rock 'n' Rollers, because they are archetypes of an authentic person, and artists like Shakespeare, Molière, Mozart, Beethoven or Hesse are as well. You don't need to play a guitar, have tattoos and piercings all over your body and shout 'come on, baby' to be a Rock 'n' Roller. This music style is more than the cliché, which is sold by the media and the music industry. Rock 'n' Roll is an attitude! In that sense I hope I did contribute some Rock 'n' Roll songs. This music is a great outlet that makes it possible for me to grow and change. And I feel a deep gratitude, because this music helps me to live my joy, my love and ideals. How much I have been able to express this in my songs is hard for me to tell in retrospect, except there is a certainty that: Love is the answer! - Though I might add, that love has many faces and doesn't necessarily appear with a soft and sweet smile but can also be a harsh and demanding call to wake up. Apart from that I want to give my songs as much room for interpretation as possible and totally dislike manipulating and pushing people in certain directions with messages. I sing the songs I do because it gives me joy in the first, second and third place .... and because it reminds me not to get swallowed by the soap opera, which we call our daily life, but to reconnect with my inner wisdom again and again.

1.1 Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar - Eckhard Naujoks
1.2 Jetzt Leben Wir - Eckhard Naujoks

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