Eclosion: Eclosion

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Eclosion

Artist: Eclosion
Title: Eclosion
Product Type: VINYL LP

2015 release. Monster Melodies presents the self-titled album from Eclosion. A legendary recording in the history of Underground French Rock from 1972 released for the first time. Eclosion is a musical project by friends Leon Cobra (founder of the counter culture magazine Le Treponeme Bleu Pale), guitarist Bernard Stisi and Mark White (drummer and guitarist of Ame Son). Psychedelic entrancing music with an experimental, Indian influenced and noisy sound recorded in analog in early 1973 on a Revox tape recorder (the same used by Red Noise to record the sound effects of the album Sarcelles-Lochères in 1970 (FFL 004LP/LTD-LP)) with the help of a an echo chamber for a highly innovative outcome. But the trio ended up having different destinies. The project remained on a shelf, along with the planned design of the cover by illustrator Henri Aspic. 10 tracks specially selected and restored. Blue vinyl comes in a cover which folds open, with numerous illustrations. It also contains a separate illustration of a collage by Leon Cobra and an anniversary edition of the magazine Le Tréponème Bleu Pâle of 20 pages. Edition of 1000.

1.1 Eclosion
1.2 Iondation
1.3 L'amante Religieuse
1.4 Varanacide
1.5 Phonemes
2.1 Devi Touch
2.2 Eclosion 2
2.3 Creve Salope
2.4 Snake Dance
2.5 Sombre Dans L'infini

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