Ed Amann

Ed Amann: Lazy Day

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ed Amann

Title: Lazy Day
Label: CD Baby

Ed Amann is a guitarist, songwriter and folksinger, in Akron Ohio. His site includes rants and links to other sites concerned with life and music on Earth. History: Ed started with guitar in 1963. Started for the music, but got a lot more interested when he found out musical types were attracting more girls. Started playing in public at The Needle's Eye in Kent. Started playing with bands while in Army in Texas. Toured with Elmore Brothers Band in mid '70s. Played with a lot of commercial bands around Akron since. Started playing as a single act in 2001 in order to get my songs out to the public. Ed picks music from all times and many genres for his shows. He likes to say, 'If you don't like what I'm doing, wait 3 minutes, it will change'. The songs he writes are crafted to fit with this wide range of material and include songs of conscience, railroad songs, blues, alt-country and hilljazz (a countrified take on jazz and pop standards) Ed says: 'I'm mostly into playing and writing music, but once in a while I just have to get up on the soapbox (see the rants page on my website). My all-time favorite activity is getting out and playing for people.' 'I'm really most in the 'zone' when I'm providing people with music which strikes a chord in their heart or paints an image on the inside of their eyballs.' Others say about Ed: Ed Amann sings great original songs with meaningful lyrics and will take you back in time with countless favorites of days gone by. If you like variety in your music, you will love Ed. Tom Ball - Just Plain Folk Show, WAPS 913 The Summit Ed Amann has a unique style of songwriting, great guitar work, and a voice you won't soon forget. He calls what he does 'hilljazz.' The Mountain Rose Concert Series.

1.1 Lazy Day
1.2 Anyway I Love You
1.3 Chopping Down the Mountains
1.4 Heresy
1.5 Life Is Good
1.6 Passing
1.7 Politician Blues
1.8 Singin' About a Brown Eyed Girl
1.9 Everyday Epics
1.10 Someone Must Have Sent You
1.11 Sunshine Darlin'
1.12 This Is the Summer
1.13 What's Gonna Happen
1.14 Don't Let Them Get You

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