Ed Hines Band

Ed Hines Band: Danger Love

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Artist: Ed Hines Band

Artist: Ed Hines Band
Title: Danger Love

Why do people have to be so dour? Especially people who use words like 'dour' anyway. Take off that black T-Shirt, swing it around in the air and dance. Or just hop up and down on your heels. Swing, baby. Click: This CD is full of adult topics -- a kid who is just holding on to life and a girl who is going to take everyone with her when she goes. And an old guy who doesn't even live on Earth. Don't make me explain all these songs. I wouldn't have brought them to you if I didn't think you'd get them. Click: This gloom thing is o-VER. Paint your nails. Run around the block. Have a beer, or get some ice cream. Open the window and yell YEAH. You gotta swing your hips now. That's right. When you die it's gonna be great on the other side. Hell, it's great now.

1.1 Not la
1.2 Space Man
1.3 Check It Out
1.4 Song 1400
1.5 Machines
1.6 Doot
1.7 Your Daddy
1.8 Little Thing
1.9 Bloodstream
1.10 Luminous
1.11 Cindy Said

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