Ed McCurdy: A Ballads Singers Choice

Ed McCurdy: A Ballads Singers Choice
Artist: Ed McCurdy
Title: A Ballads Singers Choice

This highly influential album recorded in 1956, is one of the greatest examples of pure folksong sung by a master. Includes "Colorado Trail," "The Bird's Courtship" and other classic McCurdy fare.

1.1 The Lovely Ohio
1.2 Back Bay Hill
1.3 Colorado Trail
1.4 To the West
1.5 The Birds Courtship
1.6 Dear Evelina
1.7 A Great Big Sea Hove in Long Beach
1.8 Peter Gray
1.9 Green Grow the Lilacs
1.10 The Swapping Song
1.11 Barbara Allen
1.12 Lukey's Boat
1.13 Little Turtle Dove
1.14 The Dreary Black Hills
1.15 Come to the Bower
1.16 I Ride An Old Paint
1.17 Pretty Saro
1.18 The Star of Logy Bay
1.19 Hush Little Baby

Ed McCurdy: A Ballads Singers Choice

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