Ed Munter

Ed Munter: Tracking Down the Soul

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ed Munter

Title: Tracking Down the Soul
Label: CD Baby

Ed Munter is an award winning composer, a visionary songwriter, a spiritual troubadour, an acoustic alchemist and a modern mystic. His music opens the heart, touches the soul and inspires the spirit. Tracking Down The Soul is a collection of songs that report findings from his personal explorations along the Inner Path. This is atmospheric alternative avant-acoustic music that draws from spiritual insight and soulful experience. Explore the mystical road that weaves through our lives and brings us together as one. The songs of Ed Munter lead us on a journey without distance to a place where we've always been...somewhere deep in the heart.

1.1 Agents in the System
1.2 Look Deep
1.3 Shadow Boxing in the Mirror
1.4 It Will Come
1.5 Why Don't We Be One?
1.6 One Small Home
1.7 Traveling Companion
1.8 Fleeting Moments of Clarity
1.9 Child in Your Arms
1.10 Deep in the Heart
1.11 Awakening Again

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