Ed 'N' Billy

Ed 'N' Billy: Kinda Country

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Artist: Ed 'N' Billy

Artist: Ed 'N' Billy
Title: Kinda Country

ED Thierolf and BiLLY Kristofits ie: Ed 'N' Billy are proud to announce the completion of their 1st compact disc......Kinda Country ( Bucks County Style ). After many years of working together in commercial bands, they've discovered that,combined, they've been able to create a wealth of very unique & highly marketable material. In order to maintain total control of their creative abilities, they have researched, built, equipped, and used they're own 24+ track recording studio to record, mix, & master Kinda Country. *** UPDATE *** Do to unfortunate personal & health problems...BILLY is no longer able to continue in music. This is a major set-back for BOTH artists and a huge obstacle (emotionally and financially) for Ed to overcome in order to follow his life long desire to create and provide music lovers everywhere with quality recorded original music. Ed is the owner / operator of the small project recording studio used for the KINDA COUNTRY CD and vows to try to continue creating & recording on his own. He is also keeping his eyes and ears open for the possibility of finding another singer, songwriter, musician in his area to form a musical partnership with to help continue his quest. Ed is reducing the KINDA COUNTRY CD price to below cost, to hopefully recoup whatever he can to fund his future projects. *PERSONAL NOTE* I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank EVERYONE for ALL their support & positive feedback. I fully intend to have a new CD offering of original music as soon as I can...AND will unveil it exclusively here on CD BABY. Very Sincerely, Ed.

1.1 Inspiration
1.2 Them Good Old Days
1.3 Wanderer
1.4 Words Unspoken
1.5 Simple Girl
1.6 Foolin'
1.7 Sweet Memories
1.8 One Way Ticket
1.9 Will I Be Lonely

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