Ed Robinson

Ed Robinson: Only Time Can Tell

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ed Robinson

Title: Only Time Can Tell
Label: CD Baby

ED ROBINSON "Only Time Can Tell" Ed Robinson is no stranger to the field of professional music. Known as a musician's musician, he is a singer who knows how to deliver a song with passion, which can sometimes be as hot as fire! The added ability to be versatile and think from a cosmopolitan perspective is certainly an advantage. Growing up is "Motown" also had it's affects. As a youngster, Ed grew up in the company of lively and exuberant sounds of "Motown Sound." As a youngster, he played keyboards in recording sessions with the Motown musicians now known a the "Funk Brothers." Like Aretha Franklin, Ed Robinson, though raised in the center of the Motown happenings, never signed their recording contract. Reason was because he was a minor and was not old enough to sign. When presented a contract, his parents were apprehensive about the possibility of an interrupted education and therefore refused to sign the contract that would made him the first child act to sign with Motown. As time progressed, Ed grew up and progressed in the development of his musical talents. At the age of 7, he was accepted to study classical music at the Music Conservatory in Detroit. Ultimately, his talents for singing, conducting and composing emerged. Private instruction from professionals in various disciplines and areas of music began to contribute towards the development of his musical talents. This private instruction was for areas including Classical, Gospel & Jazz music. After having traveled around the globe, today, Ed's interest has expanded to music cultures of various nations around the world. Ed noted: "This CD was inspired, written and recorded while I was in Europe. I had the marvelous opportunity to work together with musicians from various countries in Europe, Scandinavia and Russia. The studios were a pleasant surprise. As you can hear in the CD, the European studios take great pride in their sound quality much as we do here in America. The big difference is of course, the price; Their rates are a bit higher." Of all the songs I've recorded, some of my favorites are in this collection. For example, "I Believe In love," "Let Me Be The One," "This Love" and "Let's Keep Love Together." Feel free to check them out for yourself." Perhaps the most unique element about Ed Robinson is his ability to combine Classical, Soul, Pop and Blues to create with a melodic sound that transcends the boundaries of time and category. Enjoy this very special artist. PPM Productions, Inc. College Pk B211042, Detroit, MI 48221.

1.1 Always Tomorrow
1.2 Only Time Can Tell
1.3 This Love
1.4 Let's Keep Love Together
1.5 Sun Will Shine for You
1.6 Sun Will Shine for You/Phase LL
1.7 Don't Forget
1.8 Let Me Be the One
1.9 You Alway Come Back
1.10 I Believe in Love
1.11 Nothing But Love

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