Eddie Carrigan

Eddie Carrigan: Universal Sign

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Artist: Eddie Carrigan

Artist: Eddie Carrigan
Title: Universal Sign

This is Eddie Carrigan's second release on Affinity Records. Once again, Eddie's uncompromised style of writing explores the avenues of life, it's trials, tribulations, fantasies, and his observations culminating in an interesting arrangement of tracks for the contemporary listener. Songs like 'The Show', and 'The Clown' delve into the artistic conflicts faced by performers trying to balance real life with the public's perception of who they are. 'The Child' reveals the darker side of dealing with psychological abuse, whereas songs like 'Road To Japan' take us into the fantasy world of illusion.

1.1 Universal Sign
1.2 Beguiled
1.3 Road to Japan
1.4 The Show
1.5 The Clown
1.6 Simple Life
1.7 The Motel
1.8 Beggars and Kings
1.9 Canonberry Days
1.10 The Child

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