Eddie Drayton

Eddie Drayton: Ocean of Love

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Eddie Drayton

Title: Ocean of Love
Label: CD Baby

First and most importantly, thank you for your interest in my music. I can write songs and sing forever but without you to hear it, it wouldn\'t mean a whole lot. OK, as a way of introducing myself here is a brief overview of my life. My grand parents immigrated from Madiera to British Guiana (now Guyana) South America, under a British grant as an incentive to help develop the country. I am of Portuguese and British origin. My dad was always a non conventional thinker and when my eldest brother Jimmy was diagnosed with Hodgekins disease and given up by the Doctors with only two years to live he found out about a natural cure clinic in Edinburgh Scotland and shipped his four sons off to jolly old England. We went to school in England for two years and one year in Scotland after which time Jim was given a clean bill of health. Today he is very much alive and lives in Scotts valley California. After England we lived in Trinidad in the Caribbean and enjoyed all the fun stuff the Caribbean has to offer; body surfing the waves on beautiful beaches, snorkelling on thriving reefs, water ski-ing, and high diving from a natural waterfall in the mountains into a fresh water pool below. I also swung in the trees, I was a Tarzan fan. My dad always dreamed of living in the US and three years later I moved with him to California leaving my three older brothers in Trinidad. I had no choice being a minor, but I didn\'t mind I always saw life as an adventure and each chapter in life is connected to the next chapter in an ongoing process. After graduating from High School I tried Junior College but I couln\'t find an interest or passion and following my parents prompting I enlisted in the Navy. The Navy didn\'t ignite me either but it was in the service that I discovered I had a gift for song writing and lyrics. Most of the songs that are recorded on the album Lost and Found were songs I wrote while I was in the service. After my discharge my parents treated me to an all expense paid vacation to Barbados. That trip lasted for nine months. I know that to most it might seem that I am an extremely lucky person and yes I am, but as I mentioned earlier Barbados was the next stepping stone that I needed to move forward to be who I needed to be and go where I needed to go. It was during my time there that I discovered that the incredible energy that is our source or essence connects us all in the most profound way and beyond our personalities the energy is one and the same. This energy is a direct spin off of an infinite or universal energy. People call it God, the higher self, Christ, the I Am, etc. Whatever your belief or non belief is doesn\'t affect or change this source because it\'s real and it\'s there. OK what does this have to do with music and songwriting? I know that this is the source of inspiration and creativity and to write good music or anything creative requires tuning in, letting go and allowing. After Barbados I worked with my dad for a few years and then I met Jeanne. We connected instantly and after three years we were married. We opened a gift store and as part of our service we offered personalized singing telegrams which kept me in good shape for the flood of songs that would come later. During my marriage I stopped writing music, the responsibilities of husband and father was taking my energy elsewhere. After a heartbreaking four year struggle with breast cancer I lost Jeanne in July 2001. I went through the motions of keeping the store open but I walked away because my heart was no longer there. With more time and less responsibilities I walked into a studio in 2005 and recorded Lost and Found, the songs I had written in the Navy so many years before. I enjoyed the process and opened myself to the creative energy of musical composition once again and within a year I wrote the sixteen songs that comprise the album, Ocean of Love. Jeannes\' story is told in the song, Embraced by an Angel. Jeanne was a great lady and I am thrilled to honor her with her own song. There is another album in the works and I am grateful to be able to share my gift with you. I sincerely appreciate your time for having come this far. I hope you enjoy the music and I hope it adds light, spontaneity and a sense of adventure and an awareness of the small everyday miracles that are all around us. Mostly I wish that this music connects you to the heart because that is it\'s source. Love makes the world go round. Thank you, Eddie Drayton.

1.1 Soul Mate
1.2 Jump in
1.3 Yvonne
1.4 Embraced By An Angel
1.5 Rise Up and Shine
1.6 Daughter
1.7 World Dance
1.8 Ocean of Love
1.9 Twin Flame
1.10 Rocking Our World
1.11 Separate Hearts
1.12 Tears of My Heart
1.13 Encore
1.14 Passion Reigns in Spain
1.15 The Gift
1.16 Love Like There's No Tomorrow

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