Eddie Kirkland

Eddie Kirkland: Booty Blues

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Eddie Kirkland

Artist: Eddie Kirkland
Title: Booty Blues

Kirkland's newest album has it all! He speaks, he croons, he wails! His guitar grooves are tight, funky, and soulful! Bluesy, edgy songs as only Kirkland can master. Includes an acoustic tribute to longtime Detroit Blues Brother, John Lee Hooker. Cutting edge material from a powerful musician! Be it your first Kirkland CD or the newest in your Kirkland collection, it is a must have! George P. Seedorff of Detroit writes, To really understand this artist is to see him in actiion. Short of that this CD is recommended. Kirkland is still producing significant new, cutting-edge material that is often great, as evidenced by Booty Blues. 'Beautiful Song' (track 4), 'Small Town Girl' (track 6) and 'I Cried' (track 9) are among this CD's highlights. What you get here are 12 new Kirkland originals that ought to supply top blues artists with excellent new cover tunes for years to come.

1.1 Good, Good Day
1.2 How Sweet It Is
1.3 Miss You
1.4 Beautiful Song
1.5 Make Love to Your Brain
1.6 Small Town Girl
1.7 Big T.V. Screen
1.8 Meet Me on the Boardwalk
1.9 I Cried
1.10 No Insurance
1.11 Johnny's Gone
1.12 I Got a Problem with the Devil

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