Eddie Pence

Eddie Pence: Tastes Like Pennies

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Eddie Pence

Title: Tastes Like Pennies
Label: CD Baby

Originally from Virginia, Eddie now resides in Los Angeles. Don't worry Eddie will make no jokes about how he hates writing about himself in the 3rd person in his Bio, just understand that he does, I mean I do. The "Hollywood Reporter" named Eddie Pence one of the Top New Faces of the Montreal Comedy Festival in 2004, he also performed there again in 2006. In 2007 Eddie was invited to perform at the HBO Aspen Comedy Festival as well as "The Comedy Festival" in Las Vegas. A favorite of the World Famous Improv, Eddie can be seen at clubs and colleges across the country. His credits include Comedy Centrals 'Live at Gotham', 'The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson', 'Crossballs', "Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfield" on Fox News, Comedy Time Network, and 'History of the Joke' on the History Channel.

1.1 The First Part
1.2 Lost Bird
1.3 The Zoo
1.4 Giraffe Giving Birth
1.5 Surfing and Funerals
1.6 Dogs Are Smart
1.7 Chihuahuas Attack
1.8 Vicks Balls
1.9 Korean Dog
1.10 Brazilian Wax
1.11 Rejection
1.12 Drunk Girls
1.13 Loud Sex Neighbor
1.14 Complex Women
1.15 I Wet the Bed
1.16 I Had a Wet Dream
1.17 Things Happen for a Reason
1.18 Super Powers
1.19 Teen Wolf DVD
1.20 Secret Identity
1.21 Super Villains
1.22 The Incredible Hulk
1.23 Lousy Jedi
1.24 Han Solo Is a Dick!
1.25 Indiana Jones and Gay Nazis
1.26 Athletic Zombies
1.27 Fighting the Homeless
1.28 Kick in the Balls
1.29 Half Ass Magician
1.30 Stopping Streakers
1.31 The Greatest Joke Ever, of All Time

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