Eddie & the Subtitles: Fuck You Eddie!

Eddie & the Subtitles: Fuck You Eddie!
Title: Fuck You Eddie!
Label: Frontier Records

Taking the title of Eddie and the Subtitles' debut 7", this new compilation LP features both sides of that single, the creme of their their LPs "Skeletons in the Closet" and "Dead Drunks Don't Dance" and several unreleased demos. Eddie and the Subtitles had a critical role in creating the Orange County punk scene (inspiring the likes of Social Distortion, the Circle Jerks, Red Kross and the Adolescents)- in fact, in the late Seventies and early Eighties, all the lands south of Los Angeles were known as "The Eddie Empire".

1.1 American Society (Original)
1.2 No Virgins in Hollywood
1.3 Zombie Drug Killers
1.4 Child Sin
1.5 Louie Louie
1.6 Why Do You Lie
1.7 Circus
1.8 WW III
1.9 American Society (LP Version)
1.10 Circus (LP Version)
1.11 Waiting for the Bombs

Eddie & the Subtitles: Fuck You Eddie!

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