Eddy Howard: My Best to You

Eddy Howard: My Best to You
Title: My Best to You
Label: Jasmine Music

2009 two CD set. Eddy Howard was a mild romantic balladeer and one of the few band leaders of the 1940s to make a successful transition into the '50s, incredibly he charted nearly 50 times! Features all of his major hit records including 'To Each His Own,' '(I Love You) for Sentimental Reasons,' 'My Adobe Hacienda, ' 'I Wonder I Wonder I Wonder,' 'Ragtime Cowboy Joe,' 'Kate,' 'Now Is the Hour,' 'On a Slow Boat to China' and many more. This is the most definitive and comprehensive Eddy Howard collection to date. 57 tracks. Jasmine.

1.1 It's No Sin
1.2 Room Full of Roses
1.3 Maybe It's Because
1.4 Gomen Nasai (Forgive Me)
1.5 Your Mother and Mine
1.6 On a Slow Boat to China
1.7 Till We Meet Again
1.8 Thank You Lord
1.9 Paradise
1.10 To Think You've Chosen Me
1.11 Ragtime Cowboy Joe
1.12 What'll I Do
1.13 Melancholy Me
1.14 Penny a Kiss a Penny a Hug
1.15 I Wonder I Wonder I Wonder
1.16 Missouri Waltz
1.17 Bimbo
1.18 I Don't Want to Take a Chance
1.19 Now Is the Hour
1.20 Man from Laramie
1.21 My Best to You
1.22 Singin' in the Rain
1.23 Camptown Races
1.24 Madamoiselle
1.25 All of You
1.26 I'll See You in My Dreams
1.27 Careless
1.28 My Blue Heaven
1.29 So Long for Now
2.1 Whatever Will Be Will Be (Que Sera Sera)
2.2 To Each His Own Written
2.3 Skirts
2.4 My Last Goodbye
2.5 Till We Two Are One
2.6 Three of Us
2.7 You Can't Keep Running from Your Heart
2.8 I Love You for Sentimental Reasons
2.9 Heartaches
2.10 Anniversary Waltz
2.11 My Adobe Hacienda
2.12 Miss You
2.13 Lassus Trombone
2.14 Girl That I Marry
2.15 Rickety Rickshaw Man
2.16 Someone to Kiss Your Tears Away
2.17 When Christmas Rolls Around
2.18 Uncle Mistletoe
2.19 There's a Christmas Tree in Heaven
2.20 Auld Lang Syne
2.21 Kate
2.22 Be Anything (But Be Mine)
2.23 I Wonder What's Become of Sally
2.24 You've Got Me Crying Again
2.25 Never Never Never
2.26 One Rose
2.27 Put Your Arms Around Me Honey
2.28 Auf Wiederseh'n Sweetheart

Eddy Howard: My Best to You

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