Edgar Winter: Tell Me In A Whisper

Edgar Winter: Tell Me In A Whisper
Title: Tell Me In A Whisper
Label: Cherry Red

Four CD set containing the albums Entrance, Jasmine Nightdreams, The Edgar Winter Album and Standing On Rock. Remastered from best available sources. Contains rare mono and stereo edits as well as b-sides from the time. Edgar Winter is one of rock's aristocrats. Ever since he first burst into focus at the start of the 1970s, the multi-instrumentalist has been renowned for his individuality combined with a commercial intelligence - he has achieved success, but always on his own terms. Entrance: for his debut album Edgar Winter came out kicking with this remarkable record filled with jazz, blues and a little old-fashioned rock 'n' roll. Jasmine Nightdreams: released in 1975, this album was Edgar Winter's fifth studio album and featured amongst others Ronnie Montrose andRick Derringer. This time out Winter reverts to his heavy jazz and gospel influences. The Edgar Winter Album: originally released in 1979 on Blue Sky, this album saw Edgar continue on his music journey, during which he reworked one of his best old songs, 'Dying to Live', and dished up a handful of new tunes. Standing On Rock: this 1981 album sees Edgar Winter delving into a newfound fascination with sci-fi; this sounds unlike anything Winter has produced before.

1.1 Entrance
1.2 Where Have You Gone
1.3 Rise to Fall
1.4 Fire and Ice
1.5 Hung Up
1.6 Back in the Blues
1.7 Re-Entrance
1.8 Tobacco Road
1.9 Jump Right Out
1.10 Peace Pipe
1.11 A Different Game
1.12 Jimmy's Gospel
1.13 Now Is the Time (B-Side)
1.14 Tobacco Road (Mono Edit)
2.1 One Day Tomorrow
2.2 Little Brother
2.3 Hello Mellow Feelin'
2.4 Tell Me in a Whisper
2.5 Shuffle Low
2.6 Keep on Burnin'
2.7 How Do You Like Your Love?
2.8 I Always Wanted You
2.9 Outa Control
2.10 All Out
2.11 Sky Train
2.12 Solar Strut
2.13 Little Brother (Mono Edit)
2.14 Little Brother (Single Edit)
2.15 One Day Tomorrow (Mono Edit)
2.16 One Day Tomorrow (Single Edit)
2.17 Jasmine Nightdream (B-Side)
2.18 I Always Wanted You (Mono Edit)
2.19 I Always Wanted You (Single Edit)
3.1 It's Your Life to Live
3.2 Above and Beyond
3.3 Take It the Way It Is
3.4 Dying to Live
3.5 Please Don't Stop
3.6 Make It Last
3.7 Do What
3.8 It Took Your Love to Bring Me Out
3.9 Forever in Love
3.10 Above and Beyond (Ex Backing Track)
3.11 Above and Beyond (Extended)
3.12 Above and Beyond (Single Edit)
3.13 It's Your Life to Live
3.14 (Single Edit)
4.1 Star Garbage
4.2 Standing on Rock
4.3 Love Is Everywhere
4.4 Martians
4.5 Rock and Roll Revival
4.6 In Love
4.7 Everyday Man
4.8 Tomorrowland
4.9 Love Is Everywhere
4.10 (Single Edit)

Edgar Winter: Tell Me In A Whisper

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