Edge City

Edge City: Keepers of the Flame

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Artist: Edge City

Artist: Edge City
Title: Keepers of the Flame

Edge City's music combines the singer/songwriter tradition of their home in Austin, Texas, with the East Coast rock and roll of their former home in Baltimore. Based on the songs of singer/guitarist Jim Patton and the wall of sound vocal interplay between Patton and singer/partner Sherry Brokus, Edge City blends Patton's lyrics about the friends he grew up with in suburban Maryland with Byrds/Band/Petty style American rock. On Edge City's "Keepers of the Flame" CD, a man discovers alternate definitions of success; a daughter waits in a bar for the father who walked out on her years ago; a father tells his child not to make the same mistakes he did; a brave woman breaks free of an abusive past; people fall in love; relationships end; relationships endure. "Keepers of the Flame" was produced by Bradley Kopp and features some of Austin's finest players: Lloyd Maines, Glenn Fukunaga, Freddie Krc, David Webb, Darcie Deaville, Jon Sanchez, and Lorrie Singer.

1.1 Fortunate Man
1.2 Somewhere Else There's a Promised Land
1.3 Wings of An Airplane
1.4 (You Are) Everything to Me
1.5 End of a Dream
1.6 27 Voices
1.7 Chilly Winds
1.8 Glen Oaks Blues
1.9 She Looks a Lot Like You
1.10 Tonight I'm Just Thinking About You
1.11 Hard Times
1.12 I'll Still Stand By You
1.13 Don't Say Goodbye
1.14 Fortunate Man (Alt Take)

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