Edie Herrold

Edie Herrold: Think Big

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Artist: Edie Herrold

Artist: Edie Herrold
Title: Think Big

'This is jazz music that competes with all the big guys in New York. The Herrold/Gordon Small Band is the small band that can. The group that bassist Edie Herrold and guitarist Neil Gordon have formed embodies the precision of Charlie Parker and the passion of Tito Puente. Like Charlie Parker, all of the solos are to-the-point and full of fertile ideas. Like Tito Puente, the enthusiasm and rhythms are infectious. All the songs are well-crafted, tuneful nuggets, not unlike the best early bebop. But, lest you think the music has a 'retro' feel, forget it. Their openness to new rhythms and different chord changes makes the Herrold/Gordon Small Band and the CD 'Think Big,' music for modern ears.' - Linda Yohn, Music Director, WEMU 'Bassist Edie Herrold and guitarist Neil Gordon do excellent work as the leaders, composers and arrangers for the Herrold/Gordon Small Band and their mark is on every piece they play... a strong post-bop feel with Latin and modern creative elements mixed in.' - Stacia Proefrock, All Music Guide 'As smartly social a jazz session as you are likely to hear. . . . Everybody is listening hard, and responding to each other with a focus that consistently serves the music.' - Marc S. Taras, Current Entertainment Monthly Leaders Herrold and Gordon are joined by dramatic melodic soloist Paul Finkbeiner on trumpet, fiery and tasteful Mark Kieme on saxophone and woodwinds, and driving but never overpowering David Taylor on drums. As arrangers and composers, Herrold and Gordon 'thrive on variety. Each tune they play seems to have a slightly different rhythm, and their (CD is) assembled with a sense of pacing and drama... The lack of a piano assures a light flavor and allows for the prominence of the bass and guitar work of both leaders.' - Piotr Michalowski.

1.1 Stroll on By
1.2 Sway
1.3 Breathing Room
1.4 If You Show Me Yours
1.5 You Gotta Be Kidding
1.6 When You Put It Like That
1.7 Five Before Three
1.8 The Years to Come
1.9 Early Summer
1.10 Sidestep
1.11 Gotta Do It!
1.12 Next Stop: Home

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