Edmond Paul Nicodemi: Tranquility

Edmond Paul Nicodemi: Tranquility
Title: Tranquility
Label: CD Baby

Edmond Paul Nicodemi is a trained classical and jazz guitarist/songwriter who has re-discovered the love of his first instrument, the piano. Tranquility is his third piano CD. This third CD incorporates primarily solo piano with several vocal pieces sung by Carol Nicodemi, which reinforce the theme of the album. It is recorded on a 7-foot Conservatory Grand Piano and documents his life in sound pieces, touching on the ambient as well as the jazz style.

1.1 Peace of Twilight
1.2 Tranquility
1.3 Seaport Idyll (Feat. Carol Nicodemi)
1.4 A Gentleman Always Tips His Hat
1.5 Out in the Cold
1.6 The Morph
1.7 For Carol on Her Birthday
1.8 Happiness (Feat. Carol Nicodemi)
1.9 Flowers and the Rain
1.10 After the Raindrop
1.11 The Other Side of the Rainbow
1.12 Lullaby for Melody
1.13 Once Upon a Time
1.14 Butterfly (Feat. Carol Nicodemi)

Edmond Paul Nicodemi: Tranquility

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