Eelwax Jesus

Eelwax Jesus: Three

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Artist: Eelwax Jesus

Artist: Eelwax Jesus
Title: Three

Double CD-set Our BIG double album so Jesusian it'll rip your musical paradigms to shreds. It's like we dug a hole, filled it with water and invited John Lennon, Louis XIV and Eartha Kitt to come for a swim. 'I've spent my whole life side-stepping religion...who knew I'd be saved by Eelwax Jesus?' - Jimmi Simpson, actor.

1.1 Neville
1.2 I'm Not Happy (Tricky Tricky)
1.3 Notes from David Helgarth
1.4 Lucy
1.5 Strokes of Blue (The Martini Mix)
1.6 The Clones Are Coming
1.7 Still
1.8 Harold the Builder
1.9 Mr. Rumple
1.10 Live from the Hot Spot
1.11 So in Love
1.12 James (Disc 2)
1.13 The Woeful Glaswegian
1.14 (Let Me Feed Your) Paradigm
1.15 Boiled Peanuts
1.16 Whoa Whoa
1.17 This Day Was Made for You
1.18 Fama and Ian
1.19 One of Us Will Kill You
1.20 For a Moment I Forgot I Was in America
1.21 An Epilogue: A Man ; His Halibut

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