Efrim Menuck: Plays High Gospel

Efrim Menuck: Plays High Gospel
Title: Plays High Gospel
Label: Constellation

Efrim Manuel Menuck is best known as co-founder of Godspeed You! Black Emperor and leader of Silver Mt Zion and has a combined thirteen albums under his belt. He is also co-founder of Montreal's Hotel2Tango recording studio, with dozens of recording, arranging and guest playing credits to his name. Efrim Manuel Menuck plays "High Gospel" rallies all of these talents and sensibilities to deliver a powerful and personal album that serves as an ode to his adopted Montreal hometown (where he has now lived for two decades), the passing of great friends (Vic Chesnutt, Emma) and new fatherhood.

1.1 Our Lady of Parc Extension and Her Munificient Sorrows
1.2 A 12-Pt. Program for Keep on Keepin' on
1.3 August Four, Year-Of-Our-Lord Blues
1.4 Heavy Calls ; Hospitals Blues
1.5 Heaven's Engine Is a Dusty Ol' Bellows
1.6 Kaddish for Chesnutt
1.7 Chickadees' Roar Pt. 2
1.8 I Am No Longer a Motherless Child

Efrim Menuck: Plays High Gospel

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