Egress: Freshly Squeezed

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Egress

Title: Freshly Squeezed
Label: CD Baby

If rock music has a mold, Egress has taken it, raised it high above their heads, and smashed it into thousands of pieces. Based in Arlington, Texas this rock band infuses elements of reggae, funk, and latin into a musical cocktail that leaves droves of fans thirsty for more. ' The music is intense, splashed with subtle strokes that reveal the intimacies of our fragility while applauding the resolve of the human spirit.' The bands founding members are Bobby Liszewski (Bass) and Mark Leblanc (Drums). The lineup was completed with the addition of Terry Davis (guitar) and Nigel Wheeler (vocals). Egress has recently completed their new LP 'Freshly Squeezed' which will be released independently in the Fall of 07. This work defines what the band is all about. The album was recorded in Reno, NV, which forced the band out of their social, geographical element and comfort zone into a place where music, and the art of making it was their sole focus. The result is an album based on emotion, sprinkled with chaos, and garnished with intensity. Producers Tom Gordon (Dr. Dre, Ozzy Osbourne) and David Hauser along with mastering guru Joe Gastwirt (Pearl Jam, No Doubt) pushed the band to create an album that is wrought with emotion and sonically stunning. Egress plays to sold out crowds throughout the southwest. Their intense live shows push their spirited fans into a sweat soaked, musical frenzy. Hope to see you in the mix.

1.1 Close Your Eyes
1.2 Risk It All
1.3 Musical Affection
1.4 Angels in the Sand
1.5 Mend
1.6 Stuck
1.7 Point of No Return
1.8 Read Between the Lines
1.9 Better Way
1.10 Oye
1.11 Clean

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